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At mariecarmodypsychology, we will help you to let go of and make sense of your anxiety, worry, fear, sadness or pain. The different methods Marie uses are integrative mind-body approaches that help you come to understand the source of your anxiety or sadness and bring clarity and learn skills to help you help yourself. Marie assists clients recognise their personal strengths, their limitations, their resources and struggles and then uses this information to develop collaboratively with each client a treatment plan to map out their healing. Marie can use a variety of approaches such as dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) or psychodynamic methods and will work with each client to find just the right approach to best support each individual, sculpted for their unique needs.

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Contemporary Form of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

And, when needed, Marie prefers to use a contemporary form of relational psychotherapy, emphasising relational trauma, primitive self-states, creativity and play in her clinical practice. Relational psychotherapy can be conducted either in the short (10 – 16 weeks) or long term ( > 16 weeks) to work more in depth to help clients understand the origins of their emotional pain and problematic patterns, rather than just treating symptoms. Recognition of how we continue to perpetuate our own difficulties can be liberating and life changing. Marie encourages her clients to be an active participant in their healing and helps prepare her client’s mind for self-discovery. People often turn to psychoanalysis when medication or short-term therapeutic approaches have not been helpful enough. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are not quick fixes and often involve a longer-term commitment, but the benefit is that deep and lasting change can be the result.


Marie believes at the heart of psychoanalysis is not only a way of talking to her clients, but rather, a way of being with them. Marie focuses not just on past experiences, but also on the here-and-now of an individual’s experiences and relationships. Attachments, separations, and losses beginning in infancy influence one’s personality, as do current contexts of living, working, and loving. Marie is interested in mutually exploring client’s past and present experiences and relationships to help them develop understandings about their life. By helping you understand yourself better, contemporary relational psychoanalysis can provide clients with the most powerful tools to lead a better life: self-awareness and authentic connection to self and others.


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